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Our committees 

The work of our Board is supported by our Audit and Risk Committee, Scrutiny Committee, Finance Committee and our Nominations Committee.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee helps the Board make sure that we are well governed and manage risks.  Three non-executive members of our Board sit on this committee. Frances Done is its Chair. The Committee reports to the Board in writing and the Chair is given an opportunity to raise matters at the Board each time it meets. The Audit and Risk Committee provides the Board with an Annual Report, summarising the main areas of work undertaken by the Committee during the previous year.

Scrutiny Committee

The Scrutiny Committee reviews, monitors and reports on the operation of the Authority’s work in scrutinising the work of the nine healthcare regulatory bodies, the processes for approving appointments to those bodies, and the Accredited Registers programme overseen by the Authority. Meetings will be held in February, April and October. These meetings are not open to the public, however, if you would like a copy of the minutes, please email

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides support, advice and recommendations to the Board and Accounting Officer in relation to the Board’s responsibilities for finance matters (both capital and revenue).

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee ensures that the Authority has an appropriate Board membership. Meetings will be held as the need arises.