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We have introduced a hybrid working policy. The easiest way to contact us is probably by email, please use the following email addresses. If you prefer to speak to us by phone, please call our reception on 020 7389 8030 (gan gynnwys opsiynau iaith Gymraeg):

  • General enquiries/sharing feedback/calling a staff member: – if you wish to speak to a specific member of our staff, please use this email and let us know who you wish to speak to and provide your contact details.
  • Concerns: we cannot deal with individual complaints about health/social care practitioners. In the first instance, you may be better contacting their employer and/or the regulator or accredited register they are registered with. But you can share your feedback with us about your experience of a regulator or accredited register by using our Share your experience function or you can also email
  • Accredited Registers: if you have a query about an Accredited Register, email
  • Media enquiries: if you have a media enquiry, please email

Dealing with concerns or complaints

We hope that any interactions you have with us are helpful, but if you do want to complain about us, you can find out more here. We cannot deal with complaints about individual health or social care practitioners. If you cannot raise a concern directly with their employer, the clinic, hospital or trust where they work, you can contact their regulator or the Accredited Register directly. We have more information about how to do this here.

Meet our Executive Team 

Alan Clamp

Chief Executive

Alan has spent all his working life in the public sector and is committed to raising standards in public services. Following a degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Biochemistry, Alan initially followed a career in teaching before becoming one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors with Ofsted and then working on the regulation of qualifications.

Alan’s first Chief Executive role was at the Human Tissue Authority between 2011 and 2015. He then moved to become the CEO of the Security Industry Authority, an independent regulator sponsored by the Home Office. Alan joined the PSA as our Chief Executive in November 2018.

In addition to his role at the PSA, Alan is a non-executive director at the Parole Board for England and Wales and the Intellectual Property Regulation Board. He is also a Trustee of the Institute of Regulation.

With over 25 years’ experience in regulation, including 13 years as a Chief Executive, Alan is passionate about good regulation and the key role it plays in public protection. 

Alan Clamp is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Professional Standards Authority.

Email Alan Clamp

Tel: 020 7389 8041

View the team

Melanie Hueser

Executive Assistant to Chief Executive, Chair and Board

Contact Melanie with queries relating to the Authority's Chief Executive, Chair or Board

Email Melanie Hueser

Tel: 020 7389 8041

Douglas Bilton

Assistant Director, Intelligence and Insight

Contact Douglas about regulatory policy, research, including our research conferences.

Email Douglas Bilton

Tel: 020 7389 8002

Policy and Communications

Melanie Venables

Director Policy and Communications

Melanie Venables is our Director of Policy and Communications at the Professional Standards Authority (PSA). She leads the teams responsible for internal and external engagement, and policy development.  

When Mel joined the PSA in 2020 as Head of Accreditation, she led a strategic review of the Accredited Registers programme. Prior to this, she was Head of Corporate Business Planning at the General Medical Council. During this time, she completed her first degree, in Philosophy. Mel also holds a Masters in Business Administration.

Mel is passionate about teamwork. Contact her if you’d like to find out about our work to improve regulation, and if you’re interested in collaborating.

Melanie Venables is the PSA's Director of Policy and Communications

Email Melanie Venables

Tel: 020 7389 8030

Regulation and Accreditation

Graham Mockler

Director of Regulation and Accreditation

Graham is our Director of Regulation and Accreditation. He leads our teams responsible for scrutinising the work of the 10 regulators of health and care professionals and the accreditation of registers of non-statutorily regulated health and care professionals.

Graham has been at the Professional Standards Authority since 2016 and in that time has held the roles of Head of Accreditation and Assistant Director of Performance. Prior to joining the Professional Standards Authority, Graham worked in a number of roles in regulation, quality assurance and accreditation in the UK and Australia. 

Contact Graham about our performance reviews of regulators and our work scrutinising final fitness to practise decisions (section 29).

Email Graham Mockler

Tel: 020 7389 8030

Corporate Services

Jane Carey

Director, Corporate Services


Jane is our Director of Corporate Services. She leads our Corporate Service Directorate who are responsible for delivering all corporate services to the Authority, including finance, governance, IT, HR, Information governance and estates.  

Jane is a qualified accountant and a certified member of CIPFA. Jane has over 20 years experience leading Corporate Service functions in the public sector. Prior to joining the Authority Jane spent 13 years at The Pensions Ombudsman and before that HMRC’s, Adjudicator’s Office.

Email Jane Carey

Tel: 020 7389 8030