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Strategic Objectives 2023-26

You can see a summary of our strategic objectives below or find out more in this infographic. You can also read through the full plan in English or Welsh. We consulted on a draft of our three-year strategic plan (December 2022-February 2023) and have now published the outcome of this consultation. You can download the consultation report or find out more about the background to this consultation here.

Our strategic objectives are agreed by our Board and are set out below:

Strategic aim 1

To protect the public by delivering highly effective oversight of regulation and registration: 

  • To deliver our statutory duties, targeting our resources where there is greatest risk to the public.
  • To support high standards in health and social care regulation and registration through our performance review, section 29 reviews, accredited registers, policy and communications functions.
  • To review and improve our processes (including legislative changes where necessary) to ensure they are effective and efficient.

Strategic aim 2

To make regulation and registration better and fairer

  • To lead the development of more effective regulation through reviewing our standards, and undertaking other activities including research, policy advice and quality improvement initiatives, such as sharing good practice.
  • To promote, influence and support regulatory reform.
  • To promote and monitor equality, diversity and inclusion in our work and in those we oversee.

Strategic aim 3

To promote and support safer care for all

  • To work with others to establish the full range of functions recommended in Safer care for all for Health and Social Care Safety Commissioners in each of the four countries of the UK.
  • To work with UK governments to develop regulatory strategies to support the workforce strategies.
  • To work with regulators, Accredited Registers and other stakeholders to: promote positive workplace cultures; resolve any conflicts between business priorities and patient safety, and between safe spaces, accountability and the duty of candour.
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Safer care for all: next steps

We published Safer care for all in September 2022. You can find out more about our plans to take this work forward here.

Working towards achieving our strategic objectives

Find out how we are working to achieve our strategic objectives in our latest annual report

Business Plan

You can also read our most recent business plan - available in both English and Welsh.

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