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Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion


We are committed to supporting and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.

The murder of George Floyd and the associated Black Lives Matter movement brought into focus the fact that society and organisations still have a long way to go in addressing systemic racial inequalities. The pandemic has further exposed inequalities in relation to race, sex, disability, and socio-economic status, as has the murder of Sarah Everard. The Authority is not unique in facing challenges in relation to its approach and track record on EDI. We have, therefore, been looking at our role and in this area.

In November 2020, we commissioned an audit by Derek Hooper to gain feedback from our staff and external stakeholders on EDI to identify areas for improvement. The audit included an assessment of how we were perceived by regulators. It identified key strengths, including the commitment of the leadership and staff to EDI and the work we had already done to encourage regulators to consider EDI as part of their obligations.

The audit also showed that, while the Authority has a commitment to EDI, it still has some way to go in making sure that every employee feels included and able to get their voice heard. Regarding its external role, the organisation was seen by its regulatory community to be lacking credibility on EDI due to its lack of visibility on these issues in the past. The Authority therefore needs to improve its performance in this critical area to demonstrate its commitment to EDI in spirit and in practice.

The audit highlighted the following areas for further work and development:

  • Culture
  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity profile of the PSA
  • Staff Development
  • Policy development and EIAs
  • EDI Communication and Messaging
  • EDI in regulation and the role of PSA.

Following that, we appointed Mehrunnisa Lalani to help us develop a plan to embed EDI into the Authority’s work and culture.  She has worked with our staff and Board to prepare an action plan for us to carry forward.

Our vision is to:

Live our values and foster a culture where all our people feel included and are empowered to achieve their best, where we welcome and celebrate diversity, where inequalities and unfair treatment is called out and addressed and, where we set the example for what good looks like for all those we interact with internally and externally.

We have developed three objectives that will give a focus to our work on EDI.

  1. We will develop our capability so that we have the knowledge and understanding to lead by example in creating an empowering and inclusive culture
  2. We will promote an inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels empowered, engaged and valued
  3. We will use our influence to encourage the promotion and progression of EDI across health and social care regulators and accredited registers.

 The key Outcomes that we expect to achieve this year are:

  • Diversity data on the makeup of our workforce will be collated and used to identify and implement key actions to address under-representation by 31 December 2022.
  • Internal HR policies will have been fully analysed and revised to prioritise EDI by 31 March 2023.
  • Mandatory training will be developed and provided to everyone in our organisation involving people who have protected characteristics and have experience of what it is like to live with those.
  •  We will work with the regulators to gain diversity information about the registrants involved in our s.29 cases so that we can identify concerns and action to address them by 31 December 2022.
  • We will have reviewed our approach to Standard 3 of our Standards of Good Regulation to ensure we are using our performance review to influence the way EDI is embedded in regulation as effectively as possible by January 2023.
  • An Advisory Panel comprising individuals who represent the diversity of characteristics and perspectives to support and inform our work will be established no later than 31 March 2022.
  • Equality Impact Assessments will be embedded as part of our risk management process so that all policies, strategies and decisions include a consideration of EDI by 30 September 2022.
  • We will develop and implement a work experience scheme to enable students from under-represented groups to gain experience of the Authority’s work by 31 October 2022.
  • An Associate non-executive Board member will be recruited by May 2022.
  • Our communication and information on EDI internally and externally through the website will be reviewed and improved by 31 July 2022 and continuing thereafter.
  • We will have developed a programme for celebrating the strength diversity brings to our organisation and the health and social care profession by marking cultural and other key national EDI events by 31 May 2022.

We will report regularly on our progress to our Board and on this website.

You can download the action plan in Word or as a PDF.

EDI Action Plan 2022/23

You can download the full action plan in both Word or as a PDF.

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