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Why check registration?

It is important that people who work in health and care are trained, skilled and treat patients and service users well. Regulators and accredited registers help to keep the public safe by ‘registering’ health and care practitioners. This means that they check practitioners are safe to practise and put their name on a list, called a register that everyone can search.

Registers are available on the websites of the 10 regulators and the accredited registers. You can use our website as a single ‘doorway’ to all of the registers.

See how to check below:

To see whether someone is on a register you will need to know the profession or occupation of the person you want to check. You will need to know their surname or their registration number.

You will also need to know which register they are on. People working in regulated professions must be on one of the regulator's registers by law. If they are regulated, use Find regulators. Use our list to see which occupations are regulated.

If they are not regulated, they may have chosen to go on an accredited register to show their commitment to good practice. This includes people like public health practitioners, counsellors and many different therapists. Use Find accredited registers.

You should check a practitioner’s registration when you:

  • Pay for private services from a health or care practitioner
  • Employ a health or care practitioner
  • Commission services from a health or care practitioner
  • Have concerns about a practitioner.

Regulators and accredited registers give information on their websites about how to check their registers. You can check:

  • If they are allowed to practise
  • They are properly qualified
  • If their regulator has told them not to do something
  • If they have been ‘disciplined’.

Use the buttons on the right for quick access to regulators' registers and accredited registers.