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Accredited Registers - Our Standards

19 Nov 2014 | Professional Standards Authority
  • Our Standards

Standards for Accredited Registers


We set Standards for organisations that register people who work in health and social care. If an organisation meets our Standards, we accredit their register and award them our Quality Mark. Standards for Accredited Registers promote good practice. 

When an Accredited Register displays our Quality Mark, it shows that they are committed to protecting the public and are working to good practice.

Organisations must meet ALL of our Standards to be able to demonstrate that they uphold these principles and meet the Quality Mark requirements.

Standard One, the eligibility and public interest test, must be met before we assess against the remaining Standards Two to Eight. More information about how we assess Standard One can be found in our Supplementary Guidance for Standard One.

Our Standards cover:

  1. Eligibility and public interest 
  2. Management of the register 
  3. Standards for registrants 
  4. Education and training 
  5. Complaints and concerns about registrants 
  6. Governance 
  7. Management of risks arising from the role(s) registered 
  8. Communications and engagement 

The minimum requirements for the Standards are set out in our Evidence Framework. We use this as a guide during assessment to ensure consistency.

More about assessment against the Standards can be found in our Guidance for Accredited Registers