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Summary of Responses for Education and Training Public Consultation

17 Nov 2015 | Professional Standards Authority
  • Consultation Responses

Between April and June the Authority carried out a consultation on proposed changes to Standard 9 (education and training) for the Accredited Registers. This document discusses the results of this consultation.


The Authority commissioned a review of our approach to assessing Standard 9 (education and training) of the Accreditation Standards for Accredited Registers. Following that review, we put a series of recommendations before our Board for consideration. The Board agreed that the Accredited Registers’ education and training standards should be explicit to the public and that the wording of Standard 9 should be changed to make this requirement clearer. We issued a consultation to obtain the views of the public about the proposed changes to Standard 9.

This document discusses the responses we received from the public consultation.

The Consultation

 The consultation ran for two months, from April to end of June 2015. We received 25 responses, 21 of whom completed the whole survey and eight of which were identical. 23 of the respondents also provided additional comments. The respondents were from a number of backgrounds, we received five responses from educational establishments, of which three were related to acupuncture, nine responses from Accredited Registers, one response from a statutory regulator, eight responses from acupuncture practitioners or clinics, one response from a Government department and one response from an advocacy group.