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Concerns or complaints about heath and care practitioners

Unfortunately, we cannot help if you have a complaint about an individual health/care practitioner. Depending on what your concern is about, you could contact their employer, the practice manager or their regulator or accredited register. 

Health and care guides

We understand that it can be hard to know who does what in health and social care. We have put together some guides to help you.

Health and social care is organised differently in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Social care in England is organised by local authorities. It is integrated with healthcare in the other three countries. You can find our guides for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales below. They include:

  • Who to tell if you are worried about health and care professionals or want to complain
  • Who to tell if you are worried about health or social care services or want to complain.

We suggest links to others who might be able to guide you further or give you support. You may also wish to read our FAQs. If you have a complaint about dental care, the General Dental Council, along with other organisations have published a joint statement on dental complaints. The statement provides information that will guide patients to the best organisation to help them achieve the outcome that they want.