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Registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

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The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) is a membership organisation and a registered charity that sets standards for therapeutic practice and provides information for therapists, clients of therapy, and the general public.

Six Accredited Registers of counsellors and psychotherapists, including the BACP, have notified us of their adoption of the 'SCoPEd framework', for assessment against the Standards for Accredited Registers. Please Share Your Experience of the registers and SCoPEd by emailing us at by 17 May 2024.

As part of our 2023-24 annual check of the BACP, we initiated a targeted review. We undertake a targeted review when we need to do a more in-depth review into how a Register is meeting one or more Standards. The findings of the review can be found in this report.

You can read more about the targeted review process at:

When we renewed the BACP’s accreditation, we issued the following Conditions with deadlines for implementation. We will update the status of the Conditions in due course.

 Conditions Deadline
Standard three 1. The BACP should obtain an independent, authoritative review of its Good Practice in Action (GPiA) 042 [Working with suicidal clients in the counselling professions] by someone who is not an author of the report, to ensure that it fully aligns with NG225 [Self-harm: assessment, management and preventing recurrence] Three months from the publication of this report
Standard three The BACP should disseminate its updated GPiA 042 and supporting guidance to registrants. Three months from the publication of this report
Standard four The BACP must demonstrate that it has informed its education and training providers of the need to include the underpinning evidence base (as set out in NG 225) in teaching on suicide risk assessment and that self-assessment risk assessment tools are unable to accurately predict suicide. Three months from the publication of this report









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