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Registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

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The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) is a voluntary regulator of complementary healthcare practitioners.

We published our report of our Standard One assessment for CNHC as well as an impact assessment (on 21 February 2023). We found that the public interest test was met with a Condition that the CNHC should, within six months, strengthen its checks on whether registrants are advertising responsibly. It should also introduce a clearer process for handling breaches of its advertising requirements. In October 2023, we found that this Condition had been met. You can read our report on how this condition was met here.

In December 2023 we completed our full renewal assessment of the CNHC’s register. You can read our decision as well as our Impact Assessment. When we renewed the CNHC’s accreditation, we issued the following Condition with deadlines for implementation. We will update the status of the Condition in due course.

Conditions Deadline
Standard Two 1.    The CNHC should review the presentation on the information on the Register so that the route the registrant has qualified through is clear. Next annual assessment.


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