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Institute of Trichologists

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The Institute of Trichologists is the foremost professional association for Trichologists, the largest provider of Trichology education and training in Europe.

The Institute of Trichologists is the foremost professional association for Trichologists, the largest provider of Trichology education and training in Europe, and the longest established body of its type. 

The IOT's registrants have undergone registered education programmes, qualifying them to diagnose and address hair loss and provide treatment options for hair and scalp conditions. You can read our Initial Accreditation decision Accredited Registers Initial Accreditation Report - Institute of Trichologists 2023.

As part of our accreditation of the IoT, we issued the following Conditions to be implemented by the deadline given:

Conditions Deadline
Standard 1
1.     The IOT must review the information it provides on its website for the public about the evidence that is available about trichology. The IOT should be clear about the limitations of the evidence currently available. Next Assessment
Standard 7 2.     The IOT should ensure that all members of its Board and Committees are equipped to make fair, consistent, and transparent decisions. The IOT should consider mechanisms such as appraisals for monitoring the ongoing competence of its Board and committee members and consider induction training and ongoing training in areas such as equality and diversity, data handling and decision making in disciplinary procedures for key decision makers. Next Assessment
Standard 7 3.     The IOT should explore options for informing and involving the public and service users in what they do and provide an update of progress at the next review of accreditation. Next Assessment
Standard 8 4.     The IOT should review and update its Code of Professional Practice and Ethics to ensure greater clarity over its requirements for its registrants. They should be clear what is a requirement and therefore something that a registrant is held to account to and what is guidance. Next Assessment
5.     The IOT should review how it communicates its CPD requirements on its register and ensure that it has appropriate mechanisms in place to check that its registrants are complying with the requirement.  
Standard 11 6.     The IOT should develop and publish its organisational complaints policy Next Assessment
Standard 11 7.     The IOT should review its appeals process for complaints outcomes to ensure that it is clear to all parties what the process is. Decision makers must not have previously been involved in the complaint. The IOT should review and update its procedures to ensure there is appropriate separation for appeals. 3 months from publication
Standard 11 8.     The IOT should:
a)    review and update its Complaints handling policies and procedures to ensure consistency between the different documents.
b)    develop its processes to ensure that they are clear about appeals, interim orders and other technical aspects as highlighted by the Accreditation Team.
3 months from publication



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