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Registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

Rehabilitation Workers Professional Network

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The Rehabilitation Workers Professional Network (RWPN) is a professional body for Vision Rehabilitation Workers and Habilitation Specialists. Its purpose is to: set and maintain professional standards for the workforce to safeguard them and the people they work with; promote the value of vision rehabilitation for blind and partially sighted people; and support the workforce in the day-to-day execution of their role by providing information, advice, guidance and learning opportunities.

When we accredited the RWPN, we issued the following Conditions and deadlines for implementation. We have updated the Conditions - find out more in our Conditions Review. You can also read a snapshot providing an at-a-glance summary of our accreditation decision.





Standard 4

1.The RWPN must provide the Accreditation team with an update on its financial sustainability following its AGM in July2022.

30 September 2022

This Condition has been met - See our report

Standard 7

2.The RWPN should review

a.the reporting arrangements between the Management Committee and the Registration and Professional Standards Committee. The RWPN should consider whether it is appropriate for a member the Registration and Professional Standards Committee to attend Management meeting to ensure that the Management Committee is aware of concerns or other issues that ought to be addressed.

b. The RWPN should review the membership of both of Management Committee and the Registration and professional Standards Committee and consider whether it should include vision habilitation specialists and lay people without sight loss and with experience of regulation on its Committees.

c. The RWPN should ensure that all members of its Registration and Professional Standards Committee are equipped to make fair, consistent and transparent decisions. The RWPN should consider mechanisms such as appraisals for monitoring the ongoing competence of its committee members and consider induction training and ongoing training in areas such as equality and diversity, data handling and decision making in disciplinary procedures for key decision makers..

Next Review (April 2023)

Condition met

See our report

Standard 9

3. The RWPN should develop criteria and a process for assessing whether courses meet its registration standards and ensure that they continue to do so. The RWPN should develop a process for considering concerns which suggest that a course may be failing to meet its standards.

Next Review (April 2023)

Condition met

See our report


4. The RWPN should ensure that the education and training standards required for admission to its register are clear and understood by the public. At a minimum the RWPN should provide the following information: Type and level of qualification required for entry to the register, including typical duration if it is not a standard qualification such as degree. If it allows exceptions, it should explain when and why and make that clear to the public.

Next Review (April 2023)

Condition met

See our report


Standard 10

5.The RWPN should review its register entries for consistency, accuracy and clarity of information.

30 April 2022

This Condition has been met - see our report.

6. The RWPN should

a. consider if it is appropriate to allow registrants to change their own personal or other details on the register to preserve the register's integrity - the RWPN should be able to contact the complainant if a complaint is made, for example. The RWPN should develop a policy for handling changes by for example requiring evidence to be submitted to them to ensure that it maintains control of the information on its register.

b. should develop quality assurance mechanisms to ensure that the information on the register remains accurate and up to date. This could include for example regular audit of the public register.

c. should review the fields it displays on the register. The RWPN should add sanctions to the register so that it is immediately apparent when a registrant is under sanction. The RWPN should consider the introduction of unique ID’s so that a member of the public could easily distinguish between two registrants.

d. should publish clear definitions for its registration categories, (for example membership level, the ‘register’, definition of qualifications etc). This should be made easily accessible, such as linked at the top of search results on register webpages. The RWPN should consider providing links to other organisations such as regulators or other Accredited Registers that registrants may belong to. This will help facilitate routes of complaint for service users.

Next Review (April 2023)























Condition 6b has been met - see our report.


7. The RWPN should publish its processes for registration and renewal, (including information about the decision makers) and update the information on its website to make clear what its registration requirements are for the public. The RWPN should develop a policy for assessing applicants who have trained with another provider for example those who have studied abroad.

Reissued with deadline of 19 December 2023

Condition not met

See our report


8. The RWPN should review whether it needs to include any additional fitness to practice declarations within its application and renewals processes and update its application and renewal forms accordingly. If so, the RWPN should develop of policy for handling positive declarations.

Reissued with deadline of 19 December 2023

Condition partially met

See our report


9. The RWPN should develop and publish an appeal policy for registration decisions.

Next Review April (2023)


Standard 11

10 We could not observe a complaint hearing as part of our assessment. The RWPN must advise the Authority of any complaint hearing so that it may seek consent to observe.

Next Review (April 2023)

Condition met

See our report


11. Decision makers at different stages of the process including appeal should not have previously been involved in the complaint. The RWPN should review and update its procedures to ensure there is separation for appeals.

30 June 2022

Condition met - see our report.

12. The RWPN should review its indicative sanctions guidance to ensure that it has enough flexibility for the RWPN to act in different situations. The RWPN should review if sanctions issued by the IIP should be published taking the public interest into account. The RWPN should consider if the PCP can decide not to issue a sanction, and if so, include information about this within its complaints policies.

Reissued with deadline of 19 December 2023

Condition not met - see our report.


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