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A new approach to how we review the regulators: 2021 consultations

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In 2021 we carried out two consultations to help inform and then develop a new approach to our performance reviews

Why did we consult on how we carry out our performance reviews?

We last reviewed the performance review process in 2014/15, and implemented our current process in 2016. We decided to revisit our approach in 2021, to ensure it continues to be proportionate and effective.

The first consultation

We consulted twice: the first consultation gathered feedback and input into a wider range of proposals, including: 

  • Doing more work in year, with the aim of publishing our reports much sooner after the end of the period on which we are reporting
  • Engaging with a broader range of stakeholders
  • Making our reports clearer and more concise and, where appropriate, include proportionate recommendations
  • Developing our understanding of risk including profession-specific risks and use this to inform the scope of our reviews.

You can find out  more about the results of that consultation in our report.

The second consultation

We then carried out a follow-up consultation, asking for feedback on three key areas:

  1. Moving from an annual process to one where we look in detail periodically, with ongoing monitoring in between to maintain our oversight
  2. Our proposals for setting this period as a three-year cycle
  3. The factors we will consider when determining whether we need to look in more depth at a regulator’s performance.

We expect that these proposals will enable us to more effectively focus our resources on areas where we identify risks to public protection. Read the results of this second consultation in our report. The report is also available in Welsh. (We have also published our Equality Impact Assessment alongside the report.

What is the performance review process?

The performance review is our check on how well the regulators have been protecting the public and promoting confidence in health and care professionals and themselves. We do this by assessing their performance against our Standards of Good Regulation. We publish a report about each regulator every year. Our performance review is important because:

  • it tells everyone how well the regulators are doing
  • it helps the regulators improve, as we identify strengths and things to improve and recommend changes.

Find out more about how we do this in this short explainer.


What are the Standards of Good Regulation?

Find out more about our Standards - we use these to assess the regulators' performance.

Read our report

We have published the report on the outcome of our second consultation, including responses to the questions and how we plan to introduce our new performance review process. The report is also available in Welsh.

The consultation

Find out more about the questions we asked as part of our follow-up consultation:.

Previous consultation

You can find out  more about the consultation we held earlier in 2021:

Find out more about our performance reviews

Read our case study to find out how our reviews of the 10 regulators we oversee contribute to public protection.

Performance reviews

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