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Appointments to Councils 

We advise the Privy Council about the quality of the processes eight of the regulators use to recommend candidates for appointment and re-appointment as chairs and members of their councils. (This does not include the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland). The Privy Council may also ask for our advice in relation to similar processes, such as the removal of a chair or council member.

The Privy Council makes these appointments, but the regulators are responsible for running a suitable process to select candidates to recommend to the Privy Council. Our role is to check the process the regulator has used, and assess whether it is fair, transparent and open, whether it inspires confidence, and whether it ensures all selection decisions are based on evidence of merit.

We advise the Privy Council whether each process meets this standard. We take no view on the suitability of particular candidates, and we have no say in who is appointed.

See our standards and guidance below: