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Registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers

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BASRaT registers practitioners working in the field of sports and exercise based injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.


In May 2024 we published our full renewal assessment of BASRaT.

When we renewed BASRaT’s accreditation, we issued the following Conditions with deadlines for implementation. We will update the status of the Conditions in due course.

Conditions Deadline
Standard 2 1.   BASRaT must develop a process for applicants to appeal registration decisions.
2.   BASRaT is to review its processes for checking the accuracy and presentation of information on its register.
Six months
Three months
Standard 5 3.    Decision making within the complaints process should not be made by members of the governance bodies responsible for oversight of complaints. Six months
Standard 6 4.    Independent oversight of BASRaT’s regulatory functions by the Ethics Committee, or a similar body, must be strengthened to ensure appropriate governance, quality assurance of decisions, and separation of functions.
5.    BASRaT is to develop and document its organisational risk management process.
Six months
Six months
Standard 8 6.    BASRaT must provide brief definitions or links explaining all registrant categories within the register and directory. This will allow users to make informed decisions when searching for registered sports rehabilitation professionals. Three months.



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