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FAQs on the government's consultation on reforming regulation

The Government's consultation Reforming regulation, protecting the public has now closed. The deadline for responding was 16 June 2021. The FAQs below are helpful in explaining the concerns we have about three areas of the proposals which gave us cause for concern.

We have now published our full response to the Government's consultation. You can read it here.

The government was consulting on reforming healthcare -  we welcome and support much of what was proposed. However, there are three areas we are worried about:

  1. Proposals to settle fitness to practise cases using 'accepted outcomes' with no independent oversight
  2. The proposal to remove 'health' as a ground for action as part of the fitness to practise process
  3. The need to balance flexibility and accountability in proposed changes to regulators' rule-making.

Find out more about what three things the Government needs to get right in our short report.

Read through these FAQs below which go into more detail about the consultation, our concerns and how they can be resolved:

Find out more about 'accepted outcomes', why we are worried and what the government can do to ensure there is no gap in public protection:

Find out more about the proposals to reduce the grounds for action and the proposed changes to regulators' rule-making: