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    Accredited Registers Good Practice Awards

    We have recently introduced good practice awards for the Accredited Registers - the awards aim to encourage good practice among the registers and a shared understanding of the values of the programme – the ‘Four Pillars’ of Confidence, Choice, Quality and Protection - find out more in this blog by the winning registers

  • Photo of Sam Rodger from NHS Race and Health Observatory to go with this guest blog

    Race inequality in health and care. Who’s responsible?

    In the latest in our series of guest blogs to discuss issues raised in our report Safer care for all, Sam Rodger from the NHS Race and Health Observatory discusses how making race equity everybody's job risks it being nobody's job, but we can all have a shared ambition to create a culture of equity

  • Authority Board member Juliet Oliver

    Introducing Juliet Oliver

    At the beginning of January 2023, we welcomed our new Board Member - Juliet Oliver. In this blog Juliet explains more about her background and experience in professional health and social care regulation and her previous encounters with the Authority

  • Photo of  Indranil Chakravorty to accompany his guest blog

    A vision for an anti-racist NHS

    As part of our series of guest blogs to look in more detail at the themes highlighted in our report Safer care for, Indranil Chakravorty, Chair of the Bapio Institute for Health Research writes about their vision for an anti-racist NHS

  • Douglas

    Regulation – not so dull after all

    In this blog, Douglas Bilton, Assistant Director of Standards and Policy at the Professional Standards Authority, talks about healthcare regulation, and explains why it is important for students to understand its purpose, both before and during their time as healthcare professionals.

  • Cultural Safety – seeking to turn the tide of health inequities in Aotearoa New Zealand

    In our latest blog, Joan Simeon, Kiri Rikihana, Richard Tankersley, Jane Dancer at The Medical Council of New Zealand, discusses the role of healthcare practitioners, and regulators in addressing health inequities in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and how the practice of cultural safety can improve patient outcomes.

  • Who isn't complaining? Learning from those who do not complain

    In this blog, Jacob Lant, Head of Policy, Public Affairs, Research and Insight at Healthwatch England, explains how the healthcare system can use complaint processes to address inequalities in healthcare and how this can help us understand the demographic of those who are not complaining to learn about those who are receiving poorer outcomes.

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    Why we're asking for feedback on our three-year strategic plan

    Today we launch our consultation on our three-year strategic plan. We want to hear what our stakeholders think about our proposed plan and to get their views. This is a new approach for us, and in this blog, we look at some of the external factors which have prompted us to change the way we develop a strategy for our organisation.

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    Benefits vs risks: how the Accredited Registers programme helps to protect the public

    In this joint blog with BASRaT - we reflect on how we have now started to make accreditation decisions using our new 'public interest' test. This allows us to look at the benefits of therapies offered by registrants and decide if they outweigh the risks. It also contributes to our decision about whether to award or renew accreditation.

  • Board Members

    Antony Townsend bids a fond farewell to the Professional Standards Authority

    In this blog, our board member, Antony Townsend, summarises his time and contribution as a member of the Authority's Board and how the Authority has played its role within regulation in the Health and Care sector over the years.