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Policy Advice

Here you will find policy advice we have developed for governments, regulators and others.

Recommendations to improve the Law Commissions' draft bill

On 21 May 2014 the Authority wrote to the Department of Health with recommendations to improve the Law Commissions’ draft Regulation of Health and Social Care Professions etc Bill.

Improving employee performance management in the health and social care sector

In our November 2013 advice to the Secretary of State for Health, we respond to recommendations in the Cavendish Review into Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers in the NHS and in social care settings.

Can professional regulation do more to encourage candour when care goes wrong?

In response to recommendations about candour, openness and transparency in the Report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry, the Secretary of State for Health asked us for advice on how professional regulation could encourage professionals to be more candid when healthcare or social work goes wrong.

International Registrations Rapid Review

October 2013 rapid review on processes used by the nine health and care professional regulatory bodies in the UK to register applicants trained and applying from outside of the European Economic Area

Lapses in professional registration

August 2013 - Policy paper looking at the issue of professionals lapsing from the register.

An approach to assuring continuing fitness to practise based on right-touch regulation principles

November 2012 policy report addressing the role that regulation plays in supporting registrants to demonstrate that they are fit to practise. We set out guidance for regulators in the development and ongoing improvement of their continuing fitness to practise frameworks using a Right-touch approach.

Cost effectiveness and efficiency review of the health professional regulators

November 2012 advice to the Secretary of States.

Board size and effectiveness

September 2011 advice to the Department of Health regarding board size and effectiveness.

Modern and efficient fitness to practise adjudication

September 2011 advice to the Secretary of State on modernising and improving the efficiency of fitness to practise adjudication among the health professional regulators.

Effective engagement with patients and the public

The Professional Standards Authority's July 2011 good practice report identifies the most effective methods for patient and public participation (PPP), following a finding in our 2009/10 Performance Review.

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