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Research Papers

Here you will find papers about research we have commissioned or carried out. Find out more about our research in practice in this short case study. You can also find research papers published by academics and regulators on Our Bookshelf in the research section of our website.

Standards for members of NHS boards in England – views of NHS staff and the public

As part of our work to advise the Secretary of State for Health on Standards for members of NHS boards and Clinical Commissioning Group governing bodies in England, we carried out research with members of the public and NHS staff in England. We sought their views on the content, accessibility, and applicability of the draft Standards.

Standards for NHS Board Members - Policy Review

October 2011 review of standards and codes applicable to members of NHS boards.

Enhancing confidence in fitness to practise adjudication - research report

We asked Research Works to explore people’s experiences of fitness to practise across a range of regulatory bodies, with a focus on adjudication. This report was published in May 2011.

Maximising the contribution of regulatory bodies’ registers to public protection

Our February 2010 good practice report makes recommendations on the features of a good online register, including fitness to practise information, navigation and presentation, search features and glossaries.

Public views on three aspects of health professional regulation

This October 2009 Research report sought to understand how the public understands terms related to advanced practice and sanctions, and how they expect regulators, registrants and employers to manage health issues affecting health professionals.

Review of online health professional registers – the public perspective

October 2009 research report to understand patient and public expectations of online registers, and to establish what an ideal online register would look like.

Public views on safeguards in healthcare

February 2009 research project

Our research work in practice

Find out more about how the research work we do can contribute to improving regulation in this short case study 

Where does the boundary lie?

Would you be willing to see a health practitioner who has overstepped a boundary with a colleague? Watch this short animation to find out what focus group participants thought about this question for our research on this subject.