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Registers accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

Academy for Healthcare Science

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The Academy for Healthcare Science is the overarching body for the whole of the Healthcare Science Profession, working to ensure that Healthcare Science is recognised and respected as one of the key clinical professions in the health and care system.

Following the AHCS's most recent annual check in June 2023, we issued one Condition of Accreditation:

Condition One: The AHCS should ensure that there is sufficient clarity about the education and training requirements for the LSI register to provide assurance to the public and other stakeholders that registrants on the LSI register are meeting the standards. This should include information on the AHCS’ role in setting the standards and the processes the AHCS has in place for ensuring that registrants meet them. The AHCS should ensure that the different Tiers on the LSI register, including Tier X are clearly explained. This is to be completed by 4 October 2023.

You can read the the report of the Condition outcome here.

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We are about to begin a full assessment of AHCS against our Standards for Accredited Registers for renewal of its accreditation. We are interested to hear of your experience of the AHCS that could impact on their ability to comply with our Standards. The deadline is 27 February 2024 and you can share your experience here.

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