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Safer care for all: recommendations and commitments

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In our report Safer care for all - solutions from professional regulation and beyond - we have painted a picture of the current challenges facing health and social care in the UK. Whether you agree with us, and our recommendations, there is no doubt that these issues need to be discussed and addressed. Our report is aimed to start a conversation about practical ways forward. 

We want to bring together a range of stakeholders and use our position in the sector to promote a more coherent approach to identifying, managing and addressing safety risks. As part of the recommendations, we have also set out our commitments to achieve this.

Work with us towards safer care for all. 

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What would you like to read? We have several versions available. You can download:

There is also a Welsh translation available of front part of the report, including The essentials and the executive summary. You can download it here

Please get in touch with us if you would like a Word version of the full report.

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Contact us if you would like to join the discussion about how we can work together to make health and care safer for all. You can get in touch by emailing